Cleaning up the studio

I always thought solar dyeing was a fascinating idea. So simple, if you have the right ingredients and tools, which I do. When we moved last year, I just couldn’t compost all my leftover liquids that had color left in them. It seemed like a colossal waste of dye. Plus I had a great collection of gallon jugs and glass jars. So I filled them up with any and all leftover dye. The close up photo is a piece of cotton that I previously dyed red and put scarlet maple leaves in there. Most of the other jars are white wool sliver with all kinds of combinations of dye and mordant remnants, which I stuffed with wool. Some of the wool I washed, some I soaked in vinegar and some of it I just stuffed in the jars. It’s clean from the mill. Usually I wash it again before I mordant. I examine the jars every day, hoping for some sign that I’m so special that I can open them with spectacular results before a month goes by.


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